About Josiebyoga

Hi, my name is Josie, a sports- and self-love coach from the creative hub Gothenburg.

I was burnt-out at the age of 22 due to stress, years of struggling with eating disorders and anxiety. My mission is to motivate more businesses to be a sustainable and holistic workspace. I engage employees in activities for body and mind to help with physical and mental well-being.

Part of my mission is also to work with people, in group or 1:1 sessions to boost self-love. With my background, I know what it means to live a life where self-love doesn't exist. With my own experiences, knowledge and a life-coaching approach I guide classes and sessions with tools so that you on your own can take the steps necessary for YOU.

My first help with therapy was in 2012. Since then I have dedicated myself to become my best friend, to love myself and to nourish myself - every day. Over time, my interest for personal growth combined with a strong body and mind, has developed to a life project. In 2018 I did my first 200h teacher training, in classic Hatha yoga, and since then I've also finished trainings in life coaching, yoga nidra, yin yoga and sports coaching. I am here to guide you, giving you support on your journey to find your way home. To be yourself and owning it!


Before I engaged my professional time to coaching and health I spent several years working with sustainability and small- to big-scale development-projects. I have worked across the world in multicultural contexts, from local to national level. For me, sustainability and to think holistically is important in all aspects of life. It is also an integral part of yoga, mindfulness and in motivating and coaching others.

Where I've been to share what I do
  • AYWA Festival, Lebanon
  • Belantara Gathering, Malaysia
  • PREVISE client evening, Gothenburg
  • ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards, Bali
  • EHLC team kickoff, Stockholm
  • Magic Mountain fest, Chiang Rai
  • Yoga Talks retreat, Himladal

Trainings and education

MA global studies & sustainable development

Gothenburg University

200h hatha Yoga teacher training

Sivananda Kutir, Uttarakhand

Hatha yoga
Pregnancy yoga
Yoga for children

40h Yin yoga teacher training


30h yoga nidra teacher training


Mindfulness life coach

Transformation Academy

Life coach 

Transformation Academy

Goals, motivation, commitment

spinning coach

Aerobic Weekends

ongoing: training to certified PT!